AIU student's project in the Youth cup final

May 31, 2023

Young people are really paying more attention to the problem of using plastic cups and are looking for alternative solutions. One of the interesting projects they are developing is related to the creation of edible cups.

Baisal Samatov, a 4th-year student of International Business and Economics at Ala-Too International University, together with his Enactus team and with the support of AIU lecturers, is implementing the E-cup project.

Baisal and his team participated in the Youth cup acceleration program, where among 500 startups they were in the top-17 in the final. also participated in Zhash tabyshker project and received investments.

Eco-friendly cups made of dough are not only an excellent alternative to disposable cups, but also a wonderful way to combine the taste, crispy dough with a fragrant drink, creating the perfect balance between ecology and taste. They withstand up to 100 degrees for an hour and do not contain GMOs, dyes and preservatives.

The edible cups project has several advantages such as environmental awareness, promotion of a sustainable lifestyle and alternative solutions. Such projects attract attention because they offer a practical solution that combines satisfaction of needs and concern for the environment.