Intellectual game “Brain Ring”

November 1, 2022

October 28, 2022 “Fin Club” of AIU organized an intellectual event “Brain Ring”, which was attended by 14 teams of 54 people.

“Brain Ring” is a game between two or more teams in answering questions, where a more erudite team wins, showing a faster reaction in answering the host's questions. This game is aimed at developing the logical and analytical abilities of the participants.

The Financial Club of AIU has been holding this game for many years and it is unique in that all electronic gadgets, including phones and laptops are allowed, students had a great opportunity to test their intellectual skills. 

13 teams represented the AIU and one team defended the honor of the Kyrgyz National university named after Zh. Balasagyn. The event began with an introduction to the rules of the game and a warm-up, the participants answered questions from the famous show “Where is logic?”. Then they introduced the curator and the president of the “Fin Club”, then moved on to the main quiz.

Then the participants took a short break over a delicious meal, got acquainted with the guests, exchanged information and discussed what task they should perform. Having refreshed themselves, the teams received the final task, where they had to find the location and find the word. With the help of the final task, the winners are revealed:

  • The I place was taken by the “Nova” team (Economics, 1st year)
  • The II place was awarded to the team “Generation Z” (Management, 2nd year)
  • III place was awarded to two teams: “KNU” on behalf of the KNU named after Zh. Balasagyn and “Winx” (Finance and Credit, 1st year).

At the end, the winners were awarded prizes and certificates, and also announced the transfer of the presidency of the “Fin Club” with a certificate of gratitude.

We congratulate the winners of this competition and wish them further success, and also express our gratitude to the organizers for a wonderful event that promotes the intellectual development of students!