Report of the «Brain Ring» event

On Friday, 27 November 2020, the financial club of the International University of Ala-Too held an event «Brain Ring». «Brain Ring» is a logical game that has been held for many years by the financial club. This event is aimed at developing the logical and analytical abilities of student participants. «Brain Ring» is a game conducted as a competition of teams which consist of several participants. This game is unique in that all electronic gadgets including phones, laptops and so on are allowed. All participants can use their devices. But whether they can find a direct answer without using their logic is a question.

Nine teams consisting of 4/5 people participated in the event «Brain Ring» in 2020. The contribution from each team was 200 som. These funds were used for prizes. The Financial Club and the head of the club in the person of Nurkasimov U. prepared logical quests in the form of quests. The teams find the answer to the challenges and get the points, at the end of the meaning chain of the tasks will lead them to the climax of the human period. Financial club of Ala-Too International University in «Brain Ring» has used its own cables bots, geolocating means, use of qr-code reader system, etc


At the end of the «Brain Ring» event, each participant was fed and lined up. There were also winners, the first three places were rewarded with monetary rewards.

After the event, the teams expressed their emotions about the assignments. Most were satisfied and very interested in such events.