“Responsible Finance”

Science Department and Department of Economics of AIU have completed research project on “Responsible Finance” which was jointly conducted with International Finance Corporation (IFC, The World Bank Group), AUCA, CJSC Finca Bank, CJSC Bank of Asia, CJSC Bank “Bai Tushum” and micro-credit company “Arysh Invest”. 

On 27th November 2018 Roundtable on “Higher Education Institutions` Research  for Financial and Credit Institutions: results and future plans” took place, where results and plans were discussed with all participants. 

According to the results of the analytical reports on the outcomes of the project, 24 students were selected, who presented their works to the representatives of Financial and Credit Institutions, who selected the bests.

 The 1st place was taken by the team of intern students of the Finka Bank. They are representatives of 3rd year students of Finance and Credit profile: Akparaliyeva Aziza, Aidana Saparbayeva, Kamila Churukova and Zhamila Murzaeva. Asia Bank awarded the 1st place to 4th year students of Finance and Credit profile: Madina Karmysheva and Bermet Osmonbaeva. Also Sagyndykova Aisuluu and Tumarbekkova Aicholpon in Bai Tushum Bank. And second place was taken by the students of the department of Management and Finance and Credit. Third place was taken by students of sociologists from AUCA.

This project was aimed at exploring ways to improve the financial competence of the population, users of financial services and to reveal their needs. The project lasted for 9 months, during which both primary data collection and analytical parts including preparation of analytical reports within the framework of practical training for students of the 2nd and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences were conducted.

In total, 70 students from AIU and AUCA participated in the project. From our university, 60 students and 2 PhD students of the Economics department participated in the project, as well as undergraduates and students from the Sociology Department of AUCA. The overall coordination and management of the project was carried out by the Department of Science of AIU.